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Ayurveda specialist Dr. Jayaprakash – widely recognized as the best ayurvedic doctor in india – belongs to Kerala’s Dharma Ayurveda family in Thiruvananthapuram. After his graduation from Trivandrum Government Ayurveda College as an ayurveda doctor, and his Masters from Bangalore Rajiv Gandhi University, he was initiated into the healing practices of the dharma ayurveda clan by his father, Dr. D. Bahuleyan. A revered figure in the field of ayurvedic medicine, not only in Kerala but all over India, Dr. Bahuleyan served Govt of Kerala as Specialist Sr. Medical Officer, was a Director of Santhigiri Ashram and Chairman of Dharma Ayurveda group of Institutions.

The treatment methods and healing practices followed in Dr. Jayaprakash’s centres are centuries old. Over the years, he has further refined his procedures by combining potent elements from the various great healing traditions of the world as well as newer concepts and approaches in the field of modern medicine.

Dr. Jayaprakash is also an Ayurveda consultant to many International Celebrities and to the Royal family of many countries. He is currently responsible for Dharma Ayurveda’s international operations and also manages its centres abroad. In his efforts, he is assisted by a team of accomplished ayurvedic doctors and experienced therapists who have been trained directly by the Master healers from the Dharma family.

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