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Dr.Jayaprakash comes from Kerala’s Dharma Ayurveda family in Thiruvananthapuram. This household have been ayurvedic physicians for generations and are renowned for their incredible cures and healing strategies. Dr.Jayaprakash is an Ayurveda consultant to many International Celebrities and Royal households. He presently heads the worldwide operations of Dharma Ayurveda. In his efforts, he is helped by a group of accomplished ayurvedic physicians and knowledgeable therapists who have actually been trained straight by the Master physicians from the Dharma household. He has been granted the ‘very best ayurvedic physician in India’ award, for his accomplished contributions to the renaissance and advancement of Ayurveda in India and Overseas. Dr Jayaprakash continues the legacy of his father – who is widely hailed as one of the greatest ayurvedic healer of the past century – Dr.Bahuleyan. He was a professor, researcher and specialist ayurvedic medical officer with Government of Kerala and has moulded hundreds of ayurvedic doctors at Government Ayurveda College, Trivandrum. He had a larger than life presence and yet he was equally known for his very humble nature and his utmost compassion towards each one of his patients. And the fact that he is still a reference to a lot of his peers and hundreds of doctors who have followed his path is testimony to his greatness. 

Dr.Jayaprakash follows his great footsteps of dedication, empathy and care. He religiously continues the free ayurvedic treatment camps and non profit initiatives of his father for the less privileged in the society. With him, the best interests of the patient takes precedence over almost everything else. Dr.J.P as he is addressed affectionately by his patients as well as colleagues, is an authority in the ancient as well as modern approaches of medicine. He spent years of intense research and have developed proven protocols to heal a number of new age health issues and diseases including many auto immune diseases and metabolic disorders. Awarded many times for his achievements and contributions to the field of medical science, his unparalleled mastery of ancient healing techniques, knowledge in the field of ayurvedic treatment and medicine and his dedication and devotion towards his patients, has earned him a reputation that very few doctors have accomplished in a life time.

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